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DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a call for any violent or illegal action(s) against any person(s) or property. We are not condoning criminal actions. It is a call to legally exercise our constitutional right to peacefully assemble. The first step toward tyranny is to ban assembly, and in exactly the same way, the first step to preventing and defeating tyranny it is to assemble for the purpose of defending against it. If we are truly the land of the free and the home of the brave, then let us not be culled like livestock into a permanent state of helplessness, dependency and total subjectivity.

It is obvious that this lockdown is more about political control than it is about health or safety. If politicians were using their power and time to focus on production and distribution of effective medicines like Remdesivir then the death toll would not be what it is! If we don’t start to demonstrate our will to stay free now, we may permanently lose our ability to do so. We must not allow this to happen in the United States of America! We must exercise our right and ability to assemble while they still exist! This is a call to all ethnicities, classes, ages, religions, genders and political affiliations. The first amendment knows no bias. Let it be known that, above all, we are a free people, and we will never be coerced into an absolute oppression!

With currency which carries the virus still in circulation among a population who is inevitability still engaging in existence outside of any real isolation, the idea that giving up our freedom to assemble whenever the government wrongfully and illegally claims that the law is whatever they say it is at any time will actually stop the spread of the virus has already been proven dramatically false since early March when Italy went into a full lockdown when their death toll was less than 400. At this point, the most sensible action to take is to lawfully assemble to demonstrate resistance to the open overthrow of our free society and culture.

The records and historical graphs prove that lockdowns have not only been ineffective for their stated purpose, but that there was actually a sharp increase in death rates immediately following the time that martial law was implemented in nations like Italy. This has been the case everywhere in the world. It could have a lot to do with the intentional lack of treating the most vulnerable due to the government’s policies, and it surely has a lot to do with the failure to use actual medicine to treat the ill, but above all it shows that regardless of the reason, implementing martial law to enforce lockdowns has failed for it’s stated purpose worldwide. China is the only place that has not shown this to be the case on record, and there is substantial and internationally recognized proof that China has dramatically lied about their numbers of deceased from infection. They have censored their people more than any other nation since the outbreak began, and protests have been taking place in China regarding this issue which the majority of corporate media is intentionally failing to acknowledge.

Unbelievably, globalists have called for lockdowns to continue until there are no more cases of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. As Coronaviruses have persisted throughout our modern history, this essentially means that society will face a permanent lockdown which will guarantee total destruction of our economy and freedom. Some Governors have went as far as to actually ban medicine in order to create an artificial shortage of medicine to treat the ill, manufacturing an unnecessary high rate of death from the virus. With medicines already in existence that are being used by clinicians around the world and in our own states to effectively treat the vulnerable who fall ill from the virus, there is no valid excuse to allow this destruction of our free world by continuing airtight restrictions of freedom and economic progression beyond the month of May!