I-1589 would end the unfair dominance that our legislature has used against our civilians since the early 1980s when they decided to double the amount of signatures required for a petition to reach the ballot for voters to have a chance to reform their own laws as they’d like. This reform would cut the number of signatures required for a petition to reach the ballot down by four times of what it was before the original legislative reform which doubled the original precedent that had been established for over 90 years. This would allow people who don’t have millions of dollars to effectively propose their reforms to the voting population by taking the number of signatures required to reach the ballot to around 40,000 from 160,000 which is the current precedent!

I-1588 would create a truly free food and drug market, bringing it back to the people and ending the monopolies once and for all, as well as freeing space in our prisons and jails by up to 80% by simply refraining from condemning people who are charged with non-violent “crimes.” It is entirely legal under the 10th Amendment of the U.S. constitution! If people want to stop the widespread corruption in America then this petition must be passed by a majority consensus of voters!

 I-1658 would be the largest tax repeal ever passed in the great State of Washington! It would bring back the free flowing economy that we so desperately need in this age of higher taxes, inflation and stricter regulations than any generation has ever faced in the history America. This reform would lower living costs by between 30% and 60% depending on personal expenses!