General Mission

The ultimate mission of the LAWS is to combat the LAWS. That is, the deepest, most primary goal of the Liberty Alliance of Washington State is to prevent Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems from replacing human authority which would surely lead to the demise of mankind. In order to do that, laws must actually be reformed. Reform is being proposed and can be found on this website and officially in the government archives. The reforms being proposed are actually in line with core American and Christian values, such as the 10th commandment and the 10th amendment. The core objective is to preserve freedom, prosperity and peace for future generations as outlined in the preamble of the U.S. constitution.

THE TEXT READS, “NEW ORDER OF THE AGES” “FAVORS OUR UNDERTAKINGS.” Does the eye represent the creator, or does it represent the rulers of the power structure who see themselves, like the original pharaohs who commanded their slaves to build the pyramids, as the chosen masters of humanity? Does the pyramid merely represent strength and durability, or does it represent a power structure in which sacrificial slaves will serve the will of their pharaohs to ensure their dominion? To better understand what this represents in today’s world, we look at the plans that have been announced for humanity by the global technocratic elite.

Above are what are now called “Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems” and for the first time in human history, they actually exist. They have been developed inevitability by companies who are contracted with our military and militaries around the world. The real danger is that they will be used against our own populations. By looking at the picture above which came from a Popular Science article about future plans for these machines to take the place of doctors and police in the special 2017 edition titled “The New Artificial Intelligence,” it is clear that the ultimate intention is exactly that. Like any computer system, they rely on radio frequency identification (RFID) in order to be able to wirelessly locate the global position of a target from a distance. This means that until we are walking radio signals, we still have the option to physically abandon our RFID and GPS technologies for our personal safety so that they can not be used to locate our global position. What few realize, however, is that America’s wealth has been hyjacked generations ago and siphoned into the vaults of the Federal Reserve which has ever since depleted the value of the paper cash that it prints and loans to our nation. We currently have an inflation rate of over 2500% meaning that one paper Federal Reserve bank note today holds less than 4% of the value of one U.S. dollar from the time that the Federal Reserve was established.

The 1st National Bank was vetoed by George Clinton who served as vice president to Thomas Jefferson who led the opposition to the central banking structure. The second national bank was vetoed by Andrew Jackson. Both central banks were established to finance America’s defense during the revolution which lasted into the 1800s. After the British were finally defeated, the banks were vetoed because they had naturally caused a level of inflation which had reduced the value of the dollar by half. Except for during the civil war, the U.S. dollar had maintained it’s value excellently since the second bank of the United States because the currency was measured by the weight and purity of gold, silver and copper which are durable metals, meaning that the currency held liquidity – a vital attribute to a sustainable currency. It wasn’t until the third central bank – the Federal Reserve – was established almost 50 years after the Republican Union Army had defeated the slavery of the confederacy and the last president to fight in that war had been assassinated that inflation began to rise again. Naturally, this was guaranteed for a period of time due to the outbreak of World War 1, but since then, because the central bank was never vetoed, the inflation never stopped and has caused a growing inflation which now stands above 2500%. This means that four pennies in 1913 could buy more than what one hundred pennies minted today, which are only 2.5% copper (hence the loss in value), will buy. When William McKinley was assassinated within a year after signing the gold standard act of 1900, the price of one ounce of gold in U.S. currency was less than 21 dollars. Now, an ounce of gold is over 1500 dollars. It is more if you don’t buy from second hand retailers. Similarly, in the 1960s, an ounce of silver in U.S. currency was approximately one dollar. Today, an ounce of silver is over 18 dollars. It is more if you don’t buy from second hand retailers.

Today, we can’t redeem our paper Federal Reserve bank notes for either gold, silver, or anything close to pure copper from any Federal Reserve bank or any other bank for that matter because they’re all federally controlled by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation which insures that Federal Reserve bank notes will continue to be printed for American banks in order to loan paper cash to Americans. What very few people know is that the Federal Reserve had reached it’s max capacity of available money which it could loan in the 1920s, and this is actually what caused the great depression. In response, Franklin Roosevelt passed a large cluster of laws. One of those laws was the emergency banking act of 1933. This act was passed within less than two months after signing executive order 6102 which illegally ordered all Americans to surrender their constitutional currency – gold – to the Federal Reserve, and effectively established the FDIC to replace America’s monetary system with the Federal Reserve system. This set the future of America’s currency as paper cash rather than durable metals in violation of the constitution. This decision did not come without a price. When John Kennedy signed executive order 11110 to maintain that Americans could redeem their paper cash for silver, he was assassinated like William McKinley was in 1901 after signing the gold standard act of 1900 to maintain that Americans could redeem their cash for gold. Immediately following John Kennedy’s assassination, congress passed the coinage act of 1965 which forever ended the ability for Americans to redeem silver for their Federal Reserve bank notes. When John Kennedy’s brother, Robert Kennedy, ran for presidency after his brother’s assassination, he was also assassinated by the power structure which is larger than any single candidate or politician. Since then, the penny has been reduced to 2.5% copper and the inflation of the dollar, the national debt, and the value of gold, silver and other precious metals and commodities have subsequently skyrocketed beyond anything imagined in our nation’s history.

The point of all this is that as the nation’s wealth is being hoarded by the central bank rather than circulated in our economy which would allow prosperity to be sustained, the final phase of economic depletion has been prepared for humanity. Rather than allowing our people to prosper by accessing the currency which was stolen from them illegally and being criminally hoarded by the international banking cartel, the globalist technocrats have prepared to digitize currency instead. Digital currency, like paper currency, is not real money. It is credit. The difference is that when currency is digitized and replaces cash, it is only a matter of time before the digital chips will be implanted into human flesh. This is not a theory nor is it a secret. For the first time in American history, we now live in an age where no form of dollar coin can be redeemed for a single Federal Reserve Bank note. This has been the case since December of 2011. Now, in 2020, congress has officially introduced legislation to fully digitize currency to permanently replace cash and coin. This scheme will inevitably be passed eventually if we don’t awaken to the dark agenda of the Satanic technocratic elite. “Eventually” may come much sooner than people expect as national economies are nose-diving into an endless abyss in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This economic collapse is openly being orchestrated by the United Nations, China, and the globalist technocrats who follow the Satanic religious cult called “Terasem.” Organizations like the Gates Foundation, Neuralink and the Rockefeller Foundation are invested in this collapse of currency, which means a lot considering that it was John D. Rockefeller who created the General Education Board in 1902, immediately following the assassination of William McKinley, which set the model for general education in the U.S. from that point forward. He also created the General Education Board of Medical Education following the creation of the Food and Drug Administration that Theodore Roosevelt created after the assassination of William McKinley which created the panic of 1907 and led to a false justification to create the Federal Reserve in response. Today, it is that very administration which continues to approve things which kill humans and prohibit things that heal them with full knowledge of what they’re doing according to the government’s own documents. It has been announced with the turn of the decade that the newest thing to be approved will be implantable brain chips for shock therapy. Implantable RFID chips were already approved by the FDA in 2004 just before Halloween. Is it merely a coincidence that this comes at a time where the international banking cartel is attempting to digitize currency through the power of congress? We think not.

Income tax and central banking was a last resort for America during times of war until the year 1913 when they became permanent structures of American law. Both are communist structures, and by making them permanent, the nation has been steering itself toward full scale communism as our currency has been incrementally devalued by the central bank for almost 11 decades. We are living in the final dawn, and the unjustified response to the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating us ever faster toward the final dusk. Will we seek the light of truth while we still can act to oppose this enslavement, or will we allow ourselves to be culled through the gates hell as the elite close the gates with us inside before our eyes?

When currency is digitized, people will no longer have the freedom of choice that all forms of money had previously allowed for them. What they buy and how much will be monitored and controlled from a distance through wireless control mechanisms. Even worse, when it is implanted into humans we will also be monitored and controlled from a distance through wireless control mechanisms and will be easy targets for the Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems which are slowly being introduced into society following the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 is a scary thing when medicine is being withheld from the sick by tyrannical governments, but the plan to chip humans to make them walking radio transmitters and unleash killer robots upon them is much, much more of a concern. Freedom is the only way to salvation. We must demand it at all costs!