Coronaviruses replicate by copying their genetic material using an enzyme known as the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. It was reported by the National Institute of Health as early as March 6th that “GS-5734 (Remdesivir) dramatically inhibits viral replication and viral RNA synthesis.” The general public may not be responsible for reviewing this information and taking action, BUT THE FDA IS! By refusing to acknowledge the information provided by actual scientists who conduct the medical research at the NIH, they have artificially manufactured a shortage of necessary medicine and facilitated the death of thousands of people by doing so. This is not just a prosecutable offense, it is a WAR CRIME!

“Shortly after adding Remdesivir, the enzyme stops being able to add more RNA subunits. This halts genome replication.” -March 3rd

Studies have shown since early January that Remdesivir has shown effective results in defeating COVID-SARS & COVID-SARS-2 infection!!!


Our military and other countries have already approved it as American sheep wait on their Gates controlled “medical” AUTHORITIES of the Federal Government to APPROVE it for them and their media to tell them it’s safe!!! IT’S ALL ABOUT PROFIT! WAKE UP AND HOLD THOSE RESPONSIBLE TO ACCOUNT!

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Ebola drug successful with another Washington coronavirus patient

The lack of focus by politicians on medical cures to treat the virus rather than locking down society for political control has artificially manufactured a shortage of medicine which has fueled the crisis by ensuring higher death rates and adding to the fear of not having treatment.

What is the excuse to have waited this long to seriously invest in clinical research, production and distribution of these medicines when the FDA ADMITS THAT IT CURES CORONAVIRUSES such as MERS and SARS!?!?

When this is over we had better evaluate the logic of waiting for and depending on a central bureaucratic regulatory administration to give us the approval that we need to treat our illnesses! The FDA has been a corrupt organization since it was created in 1906 and has done our nation a horrible disservice yet again. We want to save lives and help people to be healthy. They want to make money and dictate what we can put into our own bodies.